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How to fuck up your startup

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Early in the year 2021 is an excellent time to look back to 2020. Covid-19 changed the way we do many things; therefore it was an opportunity for those who were able to adapt. I look back at 2020 gratefully, my family is healthy, I founded my startup Mindclip Behaviour and in addition I finally published my book "How to f*ck up your startup".

It took too long, but finally, after more than a year, it was ready: My book "How to f*ck up your Startup" came out last December. As with anything worth doing in life, it felt like a challenging but doable thing to do before I started. Over time it started feeling like an almost insane thing to finish while I was at it and an absolutely crazy thing to have done when it was ready. I am sure anyone who wrote a book that has been published knows what I am talking about.

The biggest enemy for a startup is its founder

During the ICO boom, it seemed any startup – no matter how ridiculous the idea or inexperienced the team – could get funding. A few of these companies succeeded, but most were scams that served as cover for greedy, narcissistic founders who just wanted to get rich quick. In How to F*ck Up Your Startup: Learnings from ICOs, leadership failures and egocentric founders, I look at the startups with my angel investors hat on. I had also an especially harrowing experience working for one such ICO project. I attempted to overcome internal workplace drama, incompetent management, and an indecisive, conflict-avoidant CEO to help the startup succeed. Along the way, I learned many valuable lessons about myself, about trust, and about what it takes to win in business. You can find my book on amazon

What does not kill you makes you stronger

The pandemic2020 allowed me to finish the book and think about what I want to do next. While working with so many entrepreneurs and companies, I have witnessed my fair share of dysfunctional ones which made me understand the importance of good communication and well-functioning diverse teams. That is why I founded my startup Mindclip Behaviour. It was born to help people understand each other's behaviour and change it to the better one micro-habit at a time using an interactive digital tool; the Mindclip™ app. The app was launched end of last year. It is currently being used by startups and SMEs, if you are interested to become a user, send an email to info(at)

We all have hard times and how we overcome difficulties depends on our own attitude towards it. We can all change our behaviour and change for better. You can learn new behaviour with the help of mindlclip™ app using #microhabits. Resilience and mindfulness helps you become a better version of you.

Shit happens in life, get over it. If it happens again, do something about it.

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