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Where are all the female founders?

After having run seven acceleration waves with Accelerator Frankfurt, and 37 startups through the program, it is time to face the brutal fact: we are missing female founders. In fact, we have had only two startups with a female founder. What is going on? Could it be that the field we are focused on; Fintech, cybersecurity and blockchain; is very male dominated? Still, it cannot be that there are so few females starting companies. I have spoken to quite many female-founders and the ones who started a company are determined and follow through. Maybe the problem is getting started?

We have decided to run a virtual program for only women founders.

We have decided to run a virtual program for only women founders. Unlike our normal waves, where we have advanced startups, this one will include early stages starting from just an idea. We welcome women from all geographical areas, we welcome women that are staying home with kids, we welcome women that think they do not have time for a startup, we welcome all the vast talent of potential female-founders who want an extra nudge to getting started.

This is your time. You have probably thought of many problems that are looking for solutions, but you need help structuring it or have experts as sparring partners. You can be a single founder, the program can help you connect with other peers in a similar situation. We will provide tools and network for you to grow. During the first part of the program we will work on the ideas and all aspects of problem solving. The first objective is to get you to have a validated idea with an execution plan. The second objective is to get you ready to pitch to investors and see how investable your startup is. The final stage is to go-to-market and make it big!

I have always believed that complaining is not the answer, but to showing up is. Take charge of your future and realise the dream and your passion of doing something for yourself. Im happy to hear your thought either in the comments of send me a direct email maria(at)

"Courage doesn't mean that you don't get afraid. Courage means that you don't let fear stop you." (Bethany Hamilton, pro-surfer)

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