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My passion is to support startups in the early and growth phase. I believe that blockchain technology and AI is going to disrupt the way we do business today. I worked for 17 years for corporates before becoming an entrepreneur in 2011. During the past ten years, I have advised over a hundred start-ups. In 2015 I co-founded Accelerator Frankfurt, an acceleration program,  that focuses on early-stage fintech and blockchain companies. 

I do executive coaching for startup founders and executive women using a clinical approach. The goal is to motivate them change their behaviour and become more effective leaders. Change requires right mindset in addition to hard work to lead to long lasting results.

I believe that the best way to change things is to show up and get things done. I was nominated in 2017 and 2018 the leading FinTech Influencer in the German-speaking world. From 2019 to 2022 I have been elected as one of the EU's top 50 influential women in Startups and VC's.

As a learning freak I have three Master degrees: MSc. in Process Engineering from Åbo Akademi, MBA in international management from Purdue & ESCP and Executive Master from INSEAD. 




-Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, the entrepreneurship module, interactive lectures on premis and virtual on founding teams and dealing with failure.

Speaker engagements:


-Interview in the Finnish national TV about startups, entrepreneurship, culture, equality in work life and female founders


-Panelist @Frankfurt Digital Finance “Investors' outlook on the European Digital Finance ecosystem“

-Panelist @Paris Fintech Forum, “How to scale European Fintechs“


-Speaker @TOA, Berlin "Cryptic Crypto Insight for Smarter Investing"

-Speaker @Fintech 2019, TelAviv "Blockchain use cases in Banking"

-Speaker @Consensus, NY "Making sense of data from an investors point of view"

-Panelist @PBCW, Paris "Providing market data in the crypto space"

-Speaker @WeTech Berlin "Crypto Insights for Smarter Investing"


-Speaker @Inside Fintech Korea "AI and Blockchain from theory to praxis" 

-Moderator @HK Fintech Week DLT and tokenisation

-Panelist @Fintech junction "Expert Advice for ICO's"

-Moderator for Blockchain Track and Fireside chat "Crypto hedge funds" @Arctic15

-Panelist ©BlockShow Europe "Blockchain and AI"

-Panelist and speaker @iCoinSummit Cyprus "Crypto funds"

-Jury member @Arch Summit Luxemburg

-Panelist #What's Next in Fintech" @GEC Istanbul

-Panelist @Europdays TelAviv  

-Jurymitglied Frankfurter Gründerpreis

-Jury member FintechGermany Award

-Speaker at @Finanzplatztag Frankfurt


-Moderator and Speaker @Fintechmatters Wien

-Judge @Hypermotion Frankfurt

-Speaker @FintechFever in Tel Aviv

-Panelist @FOSTER Venture Capital Tag in Berlin

-Moderator and panelist at the @Fintech Junction Tel Aviv

-Speaker @moneyfintech, Helsinki Finland 

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