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Serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, influencer, lecturer and business angel 
Get Sh*t Done!

I stay true to my passions, sharing what inspires me and what makes me curios in this crazy world. 
#startups #psychology #investing #habits #innovation #women #technology #fintech #femalefounders #blockchain #diversity #leadership #development #behaviour #change

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Thought Leader Interview Women in Tech

Why are there so few women in leadership positions in technology and what can women themselves do to change it. #education #showup #diversity

Finnish national TV interview 19.2.2021

Female founders for tech startups, what does it take to succeed. A talk about culture, funding and founding. Maria is the author of book "How to fuck up your startup"... Biggest obstacle for a startups success is the founder.



“Wow what a page turner”


The book reads like a thriller, except that the “Who Dunnit” was clear from the start. I enjoyed it immensely, but what a terrible story of incompetence, frustration and indeed of Narcissism....



Mik van den Noort, Holland

“I had to read the book in one go, could not put it down until I finished.”


Anu Honkalinna, Finland

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